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Melinda Favro

Art, Tattoo, Microblading


I love to create.  I love to take a unique idea out of somebody's mind and turn it into an amazing work of art that they can wear on their own skin. 


I've explored different art mediums like sharpie marker on vinyl, ink, lithography, sculpture, painting, printing... then I discovered the world of tattoo.  There is something magical about putting art on skin.  I have really grown fond of cover ups and transforming the old into the new, the disliked into the loved.

I also provide Microblading... the latest technique in permanent cosmetics.  Check out my website below for more info.

I have a ton of art for sale decorating the shops walls.  Take home an original!

BA in Studio Art, Sacramento State University

Oregon Tattoo License

BBP, CPR, & First Aid Certification

Certifications in Microblading Proficiency 

 See more @melindafavroart

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